Venture Capitalist Ted Alling

  • Sanford Hall Room 209 225 Herty Drive Athens, GA, 30602 United States

From Ted's LinkedIn Profile:

 Ted is a serial founder who has built two successful and fast-growing companies by age 35. In 2002 Ted founded Access America Transport, one of the fastest-growing third-party logistics companies in the country, with his two best friends from college, Barry Large and Allan Davis. Without any VC or PE money they grew Access to over $500 million in revenue. In 2010 they founded Lamp Post Group, a venture capital firm and tech business incubator.

Both companies were founded on core principles of empowerment, camaraderie, passion, and positivity and the belief that entrepreneurship is one of the guiding forces that makes America great. In 2014 Access America merged with Coyote Logistics, forming a $2 billion dollar transportation powerhouse. Since the merger Ted and his fellow partners are focusing even more energy on Lamp Post Group and the startups the company invests in.

At Lamp Post Group, Ted is the pump up captain, the guy who makes everyone else believe. He is also an approachable, encouraging leader, the kind you trust enough to follow into battle. You can see these qualities in the very fact Ted has created such successful businesses in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This small, artsy Southern city has grown into a technological hub with the fastest internet in the Western hemisphere and a blossoming startup culture that Ted has helped cultivate.